Pal_flex system; maximum storage flexibility for soft fruit.
Every type of fruit requires a specific O2 and CO2 concentration for the very best storage. This sets high demands on your climate system and if you wish to retrieve stock from the cool cell, you do not want the conditions for the other fruits to be disrupted. With the Palliflex300, this is not a problem as it can incorporate up to 300 pallets, for long and short term storage, under various Controlled Atmosphere (CA) conditions.

Storage per pallet;

  • set storage conditions per pallet
  • no migration of mould spores and aromatics
  • no loss of CO2 when (dis)connecting units

The system is perfect for the storage of soft fruit such as blue berries, red berries, cherries and kaki’s/ persimmons and a number of vegetable varieties too.

Storage per pallet means that you can distribute some of the stock, without the storage conditions of other units being disrupted. This minimises product losses and allows you to capitalise flexibly on the market and maximise your margins.

The System
The Pal_flex unit comprises a cover and a special, plastic pallet on which crates or boxes of product are stored. A gas-tight and transparent cover, measuring 1.0 m (l) x 1.2 m (w) and a maximum of 4.5 m high, is then placed on top of this. Up to a ton of product can then be stored within. Several times a day, the system measures the gas conditions in the cover and corrects them if necessary with CO2, N2 or air. CO2 comes from gas bottles and N2 and O2 from a scrubber that makes nitrogen from (outdoor) air.

Flexible & modular
Pal_flex300 is a modular variant of the traditional, central Pal_flex system. Pal_flex300 serves a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 300 units. The system is very easy to operate. A basic cabinet is fitted with 3 measurement circuits which can each operate 100 covers.