Storage in Boxes/Bins

Potatoe, Onion, Carrot
When using storage in boxes, it is easy to keep one product from the other.  This storage method is ideal for seed and table potatoes, but also suitable for the storage of onions and other high value crops. You can simply take a small amount of this to sort out and to deliver.

Pressure wall
A pressure wall is used in storages for box storages (potatoes, onions, etc.). The boxes for our aspiration and pressure system are provide with open side walls so air can move from the aspiration or pressure duct to the opposite side of the boxes.

Fans form the basis of your storage system. For each different type of storage system we deliver the most appropriate fans.

Axial flow fans
Our Axial flow fans are produced in The Netherlands. These fans produce the most amount of air at the lowest energy consumption. Another advantage of these fans is, that they are the most silent in their class.

The motors are standard suitable to optimize the speed via a frequency converter. A klixon is built-in.

Air inlet and outlet
The most cost effective way of climate control can be reached by making use of the outside air for drying and cooling. We make use of insulated hatches to pull the outside air into the storage. Then the air is mixed and after passing the product, it is pushed outside.

Our hatches are made of better fire resistant PIR sandwich insulation panels, with an aluminum framework. We deliver them in different insulation thicknesses, materials and dimensions.

Measure and control equipment
The best storage result can be achieved by monitoring the climate in your storage very accurately. This requires a reliable control of temperature, relative humidity and CO2-level.

To enable you to achieve this, we offer a wide range of possibilities for measure and control equipment.

Air distribution system
To achieve the best air distribution system in your storage, you depend upon a reliable storage system. For your bulk storage we deliver half round ducts. For your storage of boxes/bins we supply you with aspiration duct covers or inflatable airbags.

Aspiration duct cover
The Aspiration system requires flexible covers for sealing the space between the rows of the boxes.

The Aspiration duct covers of Mooij are made of strong Bizonyl canvas and feature thin fiberglass reinforcement profiles. This makes it possible to roll the covers tight and small, making automatic operation possible.

  • Hanging side flaps for better sealing of partly filled boxes.
  • Standard length of 10, 15 or 17 m. Both sides provided with ril.
  • Wall mounting profile and connection piece.