Fruit ‘breathes’: it uses oxygen (O2) and produces carbon dioxide (CO2). A CO2 scrubber removes the carbon dioxide (also referred to as carbonic acid) that forms from your storage cells in order to prevent concentrations getting too high and causing damage to your fruit.

Determining the capacity of the CO2-scrubber
In order to determine which CO2 scrubber is suitable for your situation, the following must be considered;

  • number of cool cells;
  • cool cell dimensions;
  • type & quantity of product in the cool cell (how much CO2 does it produce);
  • preferred storage conditions for CO2 in the cell;

The advantages of our CO2-scrubbers;

  • one-tank system (instead of two-tank systems from other suppliers)
    1. cheaper to buy
    2. twice as energy-efficient
    3. 20% quicker
  • unique system of sieve and distribution plates
    A unique system of sieve and distribution plates enable our CO2 scrubbers to be up to 30% more efficient.
  • minimal oxygen addition via the lung system
    The VA lung (buffer) system ensures there is minimal addition of O2 during the removal of CO2.