About Us

Appelma provides project design, planning, sales and services from local manufactured thermal insulation and mechanical cooling firms as well as solutions for Controlled Atmosphere and Automation from international partnered companies.

Appelma and, her solution partners aim for the best possible service. All machinery and equipment that Appelma and her solution partners use are CE approved and are compliant to the required health and safety standards. High attention to R&D and technological advances, characterizes Appelma’s usage of the newest and finest products and provides it with close cooperation with scientific institutions.

Appelma give importance to quality in project design and execution. To store your products in the best way, we install the most qualitative, most economical and finest systems possible

As Appelma Industrial Buildings Engineering Industry and Trade Inc. we feel gratified and proud to Serve you with the highest Quality and present you environmental, energy saving, reliable and innovative products

Appelma Ltd.